• Designation in Masina:
    Interventional Cardiologist
  • Qualification:
    MD, DM Cardiology
  • Fellowships:
  • Expertise:
    Interventional Cardiology, Coronary Angioplasty, Device Closure of ASD, VSD & PDA.
  • Services Provided:
    • Performed more than 300 PCI procedures as primary operator including 50 primary angioplasties in myocardial infarction (PAMI). Considerable experience in managing chronic total occlusions and use of intravascular ultrasonography (IVUS). Attended workshop
    • More than 100 balloon mitral Performed device closures of ASD, PDA and VSD, balloon procedures of aortic and pulmonary valve , coarctoplasty.
    • Special interest in structural Performed and assisted in complex structural heart disease procedures like device closure of ruptured sinus of Valsalva. alcohol septa) ablation i n HOCM, vertical vein closure, Post Ml VSR device closures
    • Experience in treating pediatric cardiology patients by intervention and also their post surgical Performed more than I00 Permanent pacemaker & ICD implantations .
    • Special interest in newer echo modalities like strain echocardiography, 3 D echocard iography, fetal echocardiography & Dobutamine stress Experience in managing large scale clinical trials like the ODESSEY – OUTCOMES and the FREEDOM eVT.
    • Special interest in new upcoming field of Oncocardiology , having experience of treating a special subset of oncology patients with long term cardiac issues due to chemotherapy and post
  • Experience:
    • More than 10 Years Experience Overall
  • Professional Highlights:
    • Affiliated with Cardiology Society of India American College of Cardiology European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) Alumnus, Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai, India
    • Publication: PhatarpekarA.On yourfingertips – a new aid to learn the anatomy of the secundum atrial septa/ deject. I ndian Heart Journal 68 (2016). pp. 366-367.
    • Phatarpekar A, Phadke ,LanjewarC. , Kerkar P. Case report: Cardiac manifestations in l’.1ucopolysaccharoidosis Indian Heart Journal 68 (2016), pp. 196-198.
    • Phatarpekar AU , Phadke M, Lanjewar C, Kerkar P. Is the Sac Waiting to Rupture? Sinus of Valsalva Aorta (Stamford). DOI: 10.12945/ j. aorta.2016.15.027 [In Press]
    • Podhar AM, Pahwa JS, Patil DV, Phatarpekar A (2016) Single Access Transcatheter Ventricular Septa) Defect Closure through Trans radial J CardiolClin Res 4(8): 1089.
    • Textbook: Prafulla Kerkar, Indian College of Physicians monogram on “Stress ECG Testing”: Exercise Stress Test in Non Coronary Heart Disease. Chapter 8g. Eds. Dr. S.B. Gupta.
    • Acknowledgement in textbook: Interventions in Structural, Valvular and Congenital Heart Disease, Second Chapter on :Catheter closure of peiforate d sinus of Va/sa/va. Kerkar P., Giovani J. (Editors: Horst Sievert, ShakeelQureshi, Niel Wilson, ZiyadHijaj