Out-Patient Department

The OutPatient Department (OPD),  located at the Ground Floor and the First Floor of the Main building, looks into the diagnosis as well as the administration of treatment of patients who do not require to be admitted to the hospital. This department includes private consulting rooms, while some OPD services are available in other buildings of the hospital, too.


  • Treatment rooms for minor dressings / suturing etc.
  • The Pathological Sample collection room
  • Pathology department
  • Masina Adolescent and Child Therapy Unit (MACT)
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy at Wellness Centre
  • Muskan Foundation ( Remedial and Special Education )
  • Laser OPD
  • Dental OPD
  • Radiological Investigations
  • TMT/ Stress test investigations
  • Sonography Investigations
  • 2D Echo investigations
  • CT Scan investigations
  • Wheelchair, trolley facilities  [provided on request]
  • Pharmacy (24x7)
  • Ambulance Services


  • Anaesthesiology / Audiology & Speech Therapy / Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery / Cardiology / Chest Medicine / Critical Care Medicine / Dentistry /Dental Surgery / Dermatology / Dermo-Cosmetology Clinic / Diabetology / ENT Surgery / Gastro Surgery / Gastroenterology / General Surgery / Gynaecology / Haematology Clinical / Internal Medicine / Nephrology / Neurology / Physiotherapy / Psychiatry / Psychology / Neuro-Surgery / Oncology / Onco-surgery / Surgical Oncology / Ophthalmology / Orthopaedic Surgery / Pediatric Surgery / Pediatrics / Plastic Surgery / Urology / Pathology / Radiology & Imaging / Homeopathy.


  • Counselor services [from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm] to guide patients.


  • Immunization services for children only on Wednesday, from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm.


Masina Hospital has digitized patient records through software. It has a technology with an encoded pen and paper system, through which doctors can write prescriptions and patient information, and the data automatically gets transferred to the cloud. It also helps doctors access patient history and previous medications.
Patients can also book OPD appointments online as well as through the website.


  • Hospital OPDs are open between 8 am to 10 pm except on Sundays and Public Holidays, while Casualty services are available 24x7.
  • Private OPD: Mon to Sat [at flexible timings as per the availability of the concerned consultant doctors (Polyclinic); the schedule is available on the Masina Hospital website]
  • OPD consultations are done strictly on an appointment basis by calling 022 61841239 to book your appointments. We accommodate walk-in patients only on basis of slot availability, or the doctor's accessibility and approval.
  • All patients need to be registered prior to the consultation. The one time registration fee is Rs.200 & First Consultation charges would be Rs.1000 to Rs. 5000/-valid for one month. Incase any follow-up visits within 30 days would be Rs. 750/- to Rs. 3750 per visit.
  • To make registration & billing easier for you, we have ensured a designated OPD counter.
  • For further convenience, we have even stationed Day & Night Pharmacy near OPD counter.
  • Please visit the OPD counter minimum 15 minutes before the consultation along with valid Identity proof (Adhar card / PAN card)


The Department is housed in the Main Building of the Hospital and runs 24/7 round the year (including public holidays). Emergency cases are given immediate attention by our medical staff. The Department has a BLS trained doctor to attend to any emergency patient along with well trained staff. A four bedded modern A&E department with excellent facilities



  • Facilities for providing CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) are available
  • Monitors, biphasic defibrillator and all the emergency equipments and drugs required to handle every emergency.
  • Mobile X-Ray unit and CT facility.
  • The hospital offers 24/7 ambulance services and has an ambulance control room.
  • 24-hour pharmacy services available